if ($('.chatlio-controls-close').css('background-color') == 'rgb(2, 25, 48)') { Teachers’ salaries are paid 100% in Hong Kong dollars. Wonder if these will need changing ? } /* NATH - removeDiv function to remove div element */ modal.style.display = "none"; elem.parentNode.removeChild(elem); New teacher hires are compensated based on level of education and years of relevant teaching experience up to a maximum of seven years. display: inline-block; The apartment is based on family size and subject to availability. $('.chatlio-controls-close').css('border-radius', '60px 60px 0'); To apply for our Job Openings 2020-21, please click here. All candidates are urged to use extreme caution if they have been asked for money or private information. //return url.length : url.indexOf("#")); /* transition: background-color 0.5s; window._chatlio = window._chatlio||[]; text-align: center; */ }, 2000 ); border-radius: 0; _monsido.push(['_withStatistics', 'true']); /* NATH - other CSS for Website */ Average Teacher Salary by State: The Wide Income Gap Between Teachers Besides the grade you teach, the other definitive factor in the salary a teacher … }, 2000); The average salary for a Teacher is $39,668 in Las Vegas, NV. return true; Minimize the chatlio widget when ready Click here to learn more. } /* NATH - setDragonFocus() for Dragonnet login Temperatures range from lows of 50°F (10°C) in January to 95°F (35°C) in summer. The median annual salary of $55,790 covers all teachers, but the top and bottom 10 percent for elementary school teachers come in slightly lower, at $92,770 and $37,340, respectively. img = '/uploaded/documents/Newsletter/HOS/Ron.jpg'; // Get the modal Glassdoor has salaries, wages, tips, bonuses, and hourly pay based upon employee reports and estimates. Educator $15. /* This is a redirect for the old Dragonnet */ var modal = document.getElementById('myModal'); Languages: Mandatory Putonghua for Reception 1 to Grade 5; Putonghua, French and Spanish offered from Grades 6-12. Teaching contracts are for two years. color: white; .fs_style_23 { c.parentNode.insertBefore(n,c); It is very common in Hong Kong for individuals and families to employ someone to help look after their household and children. The Annual Fund is a critical component of the HKIS annual operating budget, and your contribution helps fund every aspect of the school’s program. */ } function checkPhoto (tag) { } url = url.substring(url.lastIndexOf("/") + 1, url.length); I suspect that this is used in Staff Photo Profiles. /*text-align: left;*/ var url = document.location.href; The successful … modal.style.display = "none"; Also, some employer will provide you with bonuses for extra hours or excellent results. name = 'Harold Kim
Chair, Board of Managers'; Some jobs even offer additional bonuses like housing assistance and free flights to the right candidate. transition: height 0.5s; backgroundColor: "#021930" Starting salary for new teachers: ¥4,000,000 per year (approx. } } } You have been sent an email with your login information. HKIS will apply for employment visas and, if applicable, dependent visas for family members. //this removes the query after the file name, if there is one function getFileName() { color: white; Please provide your username and password to log in: Please enter your email address. background-color : #ffffff; Faculty members who are eligible for a housing benefit will reside in an HKIS-owned apartment. btn.onclick = function() { GSIS offers competitive salary, medical health insurance, annual leave, in-house cafeteria and 13th month salary payment. document.addEventListener('chatlio.ready', function (e) { width: 100% !important; The tradition began in the third century BC, apparently after fishermen tried to rescue a despondent government official who had thrown himself into a river. The annual salary is based on approximately 192 working days per school year and is paid over a 12-month period. background-color : #002b54 !important; transition: border-radius 0.5s, background-color 0.5s; */ From the libertarian think tank John Locke Foundation today, "According to DPI budget analysts, North Carolina’s average teacher salary reached $54,682 this year. btn.onclick = function() { Salaries vary drastically between different Teaching / Education careers. var span = document.getElementsByClassName("close")[0]; window.onclick = function(event) { font-size: 10px; Shopping is a favorite past time in Hong Kong and no matter what you are looking for you should be able to find it. Chinese and English are the official languages of Hong Kong. break; Today, HKIS spans from reception one to the twelfth grade. color: #A4A4A4; Teaching contracts are for two years. //this removes everything before the last slash in the path case '112': // Get the button that opens the modal /* NATH - Chatlio Close div and button CSS */ border-color: #002b54 !important; /* This is a redirect for the old Dragonnet */ 460 Hong Kong International School jobs available on Indeed.com, updated hourly. opacity: 1; /* Firefox */ function getFileName() { var img, name; Our vibrant school community and the equally vibrant city of Hong Kong are great places to live and work. Faculty members who are eligible for a housing benefit will reside in an HKIS-owned apartment. function removeDiv(id) { .dropContainer { if (typeof btn !== 'undefined') { } Please enter your username and create a new password. And it doesn’t hurt either that salaries in Japan have a wide range of $2,200-$5,000 (¥220,000-¥540,000) per month, depending on your certifications and experience as a teacher. name = 'Abbi Delessio
Head of School'; break; border-radius: 2px; }, 2000); var link = setInterval( function () { Learn the expression “Kung Hei Fat Choi”, for everyone will be saying it, and you should return the greeting. modal.style.display = "none"; Numerous galleries hold shows on a regular basis and other venues such as the Fringe Club showcase a variety of theater, music and art shows. case '110': margin: 0 !important; case '113': $('.letterPhoto').find('img').attr('src', img); $35,000) Starting salary for experienced teachers: ¥7,640,000 per year (approx. He noted that the National Education Association’s annual salary rankings came out recently, and without the measure Florida’s average teacher pay dropped a spot, to 47th in the nation. How much do Berlitz employees make? /* Salary ranges can vary widely depending on the city and many other important factors, including education, certifications, additional skills, the number of years you have spent in your profession. } setInterval(function () { } Teacher salaries and benefits vary by location and school , but in general, many of the benefits are comparable. var vPage = getFileName(); $('.letterPhoto').find('h6').html(name); You will not be short of things to do in Hong Kong. }, 1); 'The average salary for a teacher in the US is the equivalent of $25,860 a month. } Our Upper Primary School serves children from 8 - 10 years old. Usually falling around the beginning of February, is Chinese (or lunar) New Year. }, false); Salaries for teachers in Norway. break; Dubai has a hot climate, with extremely high temperatures in summer. ::placeholder { /* Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari 10.1+ */ Warning on Recruiting Scams clearInterval(link); img = '/uploaded/documents/Newsletter/HOS/Ron.jpg'; cursor: pointer !important; _monsido.push(['_withStatistics', 'true']); /* NATH - other CSS for Website */ The rate of tax after deductions and allowances is applied on a graduated scale, but the total salaries tax charged will not exceed 15% of a person’s total assessable income after deductions. case '109': return false; border-color: #ffffff; return url; n.setAttribute('data-widget-id','477e21c5-00ce-4d2c-7e9f-62bad2a85f56'); Announcements; Council / Committee List; Constitution & Bye-Laws; Rules of Conduct; HKIS Shop; Member’s Welfare; Contact Us; Newsroom. Consider, for example, a teacher with a class of 20 students. Average salaries for Hong Kong International School Assistant Teacher: [salary]. The base salary for Teacher ranges from $51,912 to $68,579 with the average base salary of $59,373. */ Your email address will be your username. Music Teacher Salary Music teachers who work in a school setting have a fixed salary. default: .divClose { // When the user clicks the button, open the modal setFocus('fsLoginUsernameField8813'); modal.style.display = "block"; Western tastes and trends have heavily influenced Hong Kong’s culture, although the city is deeply rooted in its eastern culture and traditions. }); So how did he become a millionaire on a teacher's salary ? var _monsido_hkis_token = window.location.pathname.indexOf("/dragonnet") == 0 ? Clark County School District Substitute Teacher in Las Vegas, NV makes about $28,069 per year. Average monthly salaries are anywhere between $2,300 USD and $6,500 USD, depending on the type of … Wrapping up around 9:30 p.m., he then heads home to Greer, where he grades assignments, answers emails and … Next steps. Faculty, administrators and staff come to HKIS first and foremost because of who we are, our educational program, and the attraction of working with exceptional colleagues and students. $('.letterPhoto').find('img').attr('src', img); Salaries for Related Job Titles. Secondary English Teacher - Hong Kong Permanent Post in Kowloon City Kowloon, Hong Kong, Asia Exciting teaching opportunity in Hong Kong - Competitive salary + benefits! ")); url.length : url.indexOf("? The average salary for Hong Kong International School employees in Hong Kong is HK$401,913 per year. switch (tag.split("-")[1]) { Free custom salary report. _monsido.push(['_setDomainToken', _monsido_hkis_token]); Public transport includes a system of buses, trams, trains, metro and ferries. Winters are cool and dry, while spring and summer are hot and humid. backgroundColor: "#BF311A" I suspect that this is used in Staff Photo Profiles. We are looking for an experienced, dynamic educator to fill this important role. var modal = document.getElementById('myModal'); /* name = 'Ron A. Roukema
Interim Head of School'; State law currently sets the minimum salary at $10,000 for educators who. transition: border-radius 0.5s, background-color 0.5s; It is common to see a gleaming new, state-of-the-art skyscraper adjacent to a hundred year old temple. JSJavaScript section goes here. Hence, Hong Kong’s reputation as the “city where east meets west.” Visitors to the city usually appreciate the “old and new” scenario presented to them everywhere they walk. if ($('.fsNavLevel1 a[href$="https://dragonnet.hkis.edu.hk/login/index.aspx?ReturnUrl=/dragonnet/"]').eq(1)) { In order to enter Hong Kong for employment, investment, education, training, or residence you must obtain an entry visa prior to arrival. // Get the button that opens the modal Other types of music teachers are typically paid per lesson. width: 25%; } Reception 1 to Grade 2, priority deadline is October 31. TET is only one of the eligibility criteria for appointment of PRT, TGT, JBT, PGT Teacher. var elem = document.getElementById(id); overflow: hidden; Several international schools have had their web sites cloned, and candidates have been asked to send money as part of the scam. document.addEventListener('chatlio.ready', function (e) { !function(){ var t=document.getElementById("chatlio-widget-embed");if(t&&window.ChatlioReact&&_chatlio.init)return void _chatlio.init(t,ChatlioReact);for(var e=function(t){return function(){_chatlio.push([t].concat(arguments)) }},i=["configure","identify","track","show","hide","isShown","isOnline", "page"],a=0;a