We're moving, and as a housewarming present to myself, I think I'm going to move on from my Tojiro DP nakiri to a Chinese cleaver. Chan Chi Kee (also known as CCK) makes a wide variety of kitchen tools and utensils including some very cool and interesting cleavers. Daovua Leaf Spring Piranha Cleaver 185mm. I think if you get a fat lousy stainless cleaver it will turn you off on cleavers. $74.00. Would like a non-wood handle. I have purchased the CCK large cleaver, the Lil' Rhino, and the butcher knife and their products are awesome. $90.27 $ 90. It is my go-to knife for all vegetables. Read the CCK KF1303 Knife Experience Update discussion from the Chowhound Cookware, Stainless Steel food community. I have been using the CCK small cleaver and the Richmond Fanatic for many years as my primary knife. I am 72 will not need another vegetable knife in my life time. He is so happy with it! We do a lot of vegetables and it is quick and effective! Average Customer Rating: (5 out of 5 based on 53 reviews). PHP 720.47 shipping. I like that I don't have to worry about it as much as my more expensive knives (gyutos) and it serves as a nice complement to a gyuto. Sasa Stuff to buy. It is made from carbon steel with a tough kurouchi finish. CCK Chinese Cleaver Stainless Steel Small Slicer 205mm KF1912. Handmade chef knife Chinese Kitchen slice Knives High Carbon Forged Cleaver Wood. Nexus 7" High Carbon Stainless Steel Meat Cleaver. CCK Small Cleaver. CHOOSE EXPRESS IF YOU WANT IT IN TIME. Blade Length: … Jun 1, 2015 - This monster chopper weighs in at an impressive 2 pounds. Great experience working with Chef Knives to Go. It consists of a narrow blade with agile maneuverability that makes it suitable and ideal for a wide range of culinary and kitchen activities, whether big or small. It requires extra care to keep from rusting, so it is vital to keep it clean and dry between uses. The wokshop cleaver is well worth the $18 ($10 plus $8 shipping), but I'd say the CCK is worth the extra $22 if $40 doesn't sound like too much to spend. The CCK Small Stainless Cleaver is a perfect tool for professional and amateur chefs looking for a maintenance free Chinese style cutter. Close. It was the lightest, thinnest cleaver we worked with. JERO 6" Blade Meat Cleaver - Green . If you don t own a CCK cleaver you are missing out on one of the pillars of knifedom. I'm a professional chef in the industry for 30 yrs this cleaver is solid my new work horse my expensive chef knives are collecting dust! and today I put it to the stones for the first time. It is not considered a defect. Surprising weight based on how big this thing is,But very very thin at the edge. I am still a bit intimidated by it, but I can tell that it will become my go-to knife pretty soon. That’s directed mainly at the handle, not the blade. $115.00. Delivery as promised. Check out our. Glad I bought it, but I do feel it’s slightly too expensive. One came out curled to one side (warped) about 2" at the tip of the blade and up about 1" up from the edge. $65.00. I have been using the CCK small cleaver and the Richmond Fanatic for many years as my primary knife. Furthermore, the blunt handle can be used as a pestle for mashing herbs. I always come here to order anything I might need for the kitchen and I am never disappointed. See more ideas about Cleaver knife, Kitchen knives, Knife. PHP 3,844.56. CCK Chinese Cleaver Carbon Steel Small Slicer KF1302. Big fan of hers, been cooking from her books for years. Although I appreciate the concept of only needing one cleaver, it is nice to have options, as this is particularly suited to veg and smaller non boned items. Great customer service. I bought a bunch of small slicers(桑刀)from Chefsmall.net a few months ago. Mark is great at answering questions for knife nuts of all levels. Keep knife dry with light food grade oil think cast iron skillet. It's my new daily driver. Close. Sangdao uses for cut vegetables, meats, but it can’t cut any bones. Do yourself a favor and purchase this knife. Easy to sharpen and comfortable to use. Zhen vg10 clad knife for $56. Testing Meat Cleavers. May 3, 2019 - This Small Chinese chef’s knife is called a Sangdao and is a great cleaver at an even greater price. CCK Chinese Cleaver Carbon Steel Small Slicer KF1303. With such a range of applications, cleavers are fun, novel, and versatile options to fill pretty much any role there is for kitchen cutlery. Or use for boneless meat. I'm sure there will be more to come. Yes No. Not the fanciest knife you’ll see on this sub, but it makes this home cook very happy. Close. If you go and pick out another cheaper Chinese cleaver, the steel is something of a toss-up, while the geometry would seldom or never match the CCK… I'm actually waiting on my second knife from them. Posted by 3 months ago. For under $100, you can get into high-quality, long-lasting knife territory, which makes this a winner for me. I can top a heavy tomato by sitting it on the board and sawing across it. I think I may have 10-15 of Chinese knives. Review. 17 watching . Excellent product. This is an amazing cleaver - very sharp and responsive. The Imarku Cleaver Knife is a carefully designed, well-made chef’s knife that excels in chopping, mincing, slicing and dicing meat and other tough food condiments that defy all other knife edges. It’s no surprise that the TUO Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Meat Cleaver is an award-winning specimen in the collection of products offered by this company and is practical in performance and beautiful in outlook. Quick shipping, description matches what is delivered and the price, you can't beat them. Just one knife for almost all cutting tasks in the kitchen. 56. It has held up to punishment of regular use without shirking, and holds its edge. This Small Chinese chef s knife is called a Sangdao and is a great cleaver at an even greater price. I just wish there was a stainless version on this knife like my Richmond . I would rate it five stars, but at the current price (over $80 USD), the fit and finish is lacking compared to other knives in it's class. This … $109.95. As an individual who works for a culinary retail store, as well as having worked in kitchens as a prep cook, growing up in a chinese household, and always going to chinatown, I must say that the … All rights reserved. Really appreciate the time he puts into every email as well as the free forum he hosts. This small cleaver has become a staple of my knife inventory. Its substantial height allows for continuous use without having to clear the blade. CCK small stainless cleaver. And for the price, I can definitely say I'd recommend others give it a try. All rights reserved. The blade has a distal … Steve Gamache 12,722 views. Purchased on recommendation from Serious Eats and Milk Street. I recommend purchasing a matching saya at the same time, as knife guards are simply not tall enough to adequately protect the blade. I just feel compelled to tell you that yours is the most ridiculously informative site of this nature I have ever come across. I'm actually waiting on my second knife from them. Quick delivery, and they are great about returning emails. Only 1 left! Posted by 6 years ago. ZWILLING J.A. And like traditional cai dao, it has a barrel handle. The customer service for the company however is excellent. 41 sold. It is 6.6mm thick at the heel and has a blade length of 10.25 inches. Chinese Cleaver CCK … I prefer the CCK attention to form following function as well as the edge retention. I'm aware that the price on the CCK … 2,542 503 Joined Apr 25, 2014. I have a MacPro nakiri. $110.00. Saved from chefknivestogo.com. 5. Carbon VS.

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